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Elden Ring’s game-breaking zip exploit makes speedrun record less than nine minutes

Elden Ring’s fast runs are fascinating to witness since the game’s launch. The world record seems to shrink every day as speedrunners strategize and discover new methods. Just a few days ago, the record was sitting on 12 minutes and 32 (opens in new tab) seconds, an already impressive feat for a game with an extensive map and hundreds of hours of gameplay. Now, someone has managed to win the game in less than nine minutes.

Speedrunner Distortion2 was the first person to win a sub-30 minute speed (opens in new tab) through the Between Lands. He’s been hard at work ever since, doing the world’s first under-20-minute sprint run and then slashing 14 seconds off Mitchriz’s 12-and-a-half-minute sprint. His last ace in the game earned him a time of 8 minutes and 56 seconds (thanks, IGN (opens in new tab)).

All thanks to the latest zip strategy, which allows speedrunners to traverse entire parts of the map and defeat certain bosses. It works by protecting and then slowly advancing by a specific number of frames. Pull it and the character will launch forward, sometimes for short distances and occasionally for a large part of the map. Distortion2 also used the zip method to kill Maliketh, something Mitchriz had not done but discussed as a potential time-saver at the end of his speedrun.

A nine-minute run is no easy feat, but Distortion2 ended its video by saying it “could still do a lot better”. Both he and Mitchriz were unable to fling themselves far enough through the final fog door on their first attempt, with the latter speedrunner calling it one of the hardest zippers to get in the entire race. Speedrunners will inevitably start timing the zippers more consistently too. Distortion2 is aiming for a run of less than seven minutes, and I have no doubt that it won’t be long before we see that happen.

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