Elden Ring will finally let you go straight to the desktop

FromSoftware has released a new patch for Elden ring (opens in new tab)what update the game to version 1.05 (opens in new tab) and is required to play online. It’s mostly minor stuff, with a whole list of bugs squashed, some UI tweaks to make certain systems more understandable, and a very welcome option for PC gamers.

Version 1.05 brings some changes to smooth the lives of the hardcore like making Bell Bearing items carry over to NG+ (they unlock additional things to buy from the Twin Maiden Husk merchant). There are also changes that are more for convenience than anything else, such as additional sound effects when other players’ summons appear.

The patch adjusts a bunch of skills that weren’t working as intended or were working very well: Ice Lance no longer has indefensible attacks and performing ‘Seppuku’ skill used to harm your allies and now it doesn’t. A few more serious things have also been voided, including a bug I’ve seen mentioned a few times where defeating a boss as a summon can, in rare cases, cause that boss to stop appearing in its own world.

The patch also “fixed a bug that prevented the NPC ‘Alexander, Warrior Jar’ event from progressing under certain circumstances.” There’s also this mysterious but rather sinister note: “Fixed a bug that caused the player to become inoperable and die in certain locations.” It looks awful!

It also appears that FromSoft has cut off access to the Leyndell Coliseum (opens in new tab), a location that is intended to be inaccessible by ‘normal’ means that is likely intended to be part of a future DLC. Users were able to reach this, but now players will not be able to “reach unexpected places with certain procedures”.

The patch also claims to make some performance improvements to the PC version, which can be a bit heavy at times. The notes say fixed a bug that slowed down performance “when changing ‘Screen Mode’ and ‘Resolution'”.

Finally the best news of all: the PC version now has a ‘Return to Desktop’ option in the system menu. Yea! You no longer have to exit the game, wait for the logos to disappear, and exit the title screen, and it’s annoying that we have to do that.

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