Elden Ring player enlists an army of 20 Mimic Tears to pulverize bosses

Ring of Elden Mimic Tear was previously the summon king of Spirit Ash until it was reduced by patch 1.03. But what if you could summon 20 Imitation of Tears?

Modder Games from Mars on YouTube modified Elden Ring do just that, adjusting the summons to bring in a group of 20 angry naked men to demolish their enemies. Like naked combat in Elden Ring, it’s a slightly different approach than let me her solo.

Relying only on punches, the maidenless midgets managed to finish off Varr√©, but needed an arsenal upgrade to advance the game. Armed with the Wretch’s starting club, the tough guys proved to be more than a match for Margit, Godrick, and Rennala. While the bosses themselves easily dropped, the game began to struggle under the weight of so many angry guys in tiny pants, and it even seemed to crash regularly.

Upgrading the club to +25, Mars took the circus through Caelid and Leyndel, advancing to the end of the game before switching to Spiked Caestus to mock Malenia, a boss it took me two days to beat.

They then blew up Mohg and made a last-minute costume change to create a team of Gideons Ofnir to crush the Elden Beast and take the throne of Elden as Elden Lord.

But was it a fair victory? Clearly, you’re only robbing yourself if you play Elden Ring this way. The exquisite dance of hand-to-hand combat in FromSoft’s oeuvre is to be enjoyed alone with tears and gritted teeth, and is completely undermined by the strategy of using a tool like the Cheat Engine to repeatedly summon 20 naked men to beat the game for you. Truly barbaric.

Not satisfied with its previous crimes against the purity of Souls gameplay, Games from Mars recently dropped a second Zerg Rush video embodying the most despicable of Souls strategies: Elden Ring’s developed and very fun spellcasting system.

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