Elden Ring as a tilt-shift isometric adventure game looks cozy

As beautiful as Elden Ring is, few would describe him as cute. Hold on though, because if you apply a tilt shift effect to the Lands Between and view it isometrically, it actually he does looks cute. Strange, but true.

YouTuber flurdeh (opens in new tab) specializes in showcasing the strange beauty of gaming worlds on their channel, and the latest Elden Ring video is a special one. With a point of view adjustment and the simulation of a tilt-shift lens – which adjusts depth of field and various other qualities to achieve a miniature model effect – Elden Ring begins to resemble a dreamy CRPG rather than the oppressive and dangerous game we actually play.

For the video above, Flurdeh used photo mode mod tools created by Frans Bouma (opens in new tab)which are available via Bouma’s pateon page (opens in new tab). The result makes even those terrifying giant dogs on Caelid seem bizarrely approachable. Do Godskin Noble enemies keep you up at night? They’re a lot less scary when they look like small, breathing table figurines.

Flurdeh did this too soothing compilation (opens in new tab) of the Elden Ring landscapes, but if your appetite for the tilt shift effect isn’t sated by the above, the same creator has applied his skills to Final Fantasy XIV (opens in new tab), God of War (opens in new tab) and Red Dead Redemption 2 (opens in new tab)among others.

Elden Ring was released over six weeks ago, but there’s still a lot to talk about. Players are learning to butt step (opens in new tab) your way to the ancient throne, a forsaken ‘dream fog’ mechanic (opens in new tab) has been found, and players are winning the game in less than 13 minutes (opens in new tab).

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