EA’s separation from FIFA led to layoffs at its customer support studios

Up to 100 customer service employees at EA’s Austin studio could be laid off, with more queuing up at EA’s customer service office in Galway, Ireland, according to internal emails obtained by kotaku this week.

Layoffs occur after the publisher’s separation from FIFA, and an executive rethinks how EA supports its sports franchise going forward. Many of the jobs faced by the ax worked on supporting FIFA ’22 live operations, but it looks like EA wants to outsource this work going forward.

In an email, VP of Customer Experience Joel Knutson told the team that EA Austin would tackle redundancies “to reduce complexity and increase our efficiency, flexibility and scalability” before “proposing redundancy” at EA Galway.

Sources told Kotaku that most of the work consists of chat support for FIFA 22, although an EA representative said that the “changes” made to customer support had nothing to do with any particular franchise, nor with the announcement of EA Sports FC. week. That same source noted that this move comes after repeated complaints of bad yearly increases of just $0.10 an hour.

“We’re always thinking about how to improve the player experience, and that includes reviewing how we can better provide the support needed to take full advantage of them,” EA’s Charles Fortescue told Kotaku. “With that in mind, we’ve proposed some changes to our customer support role to give more flexibility and allow us to help players when they need it most. As part of this process, we’re considering changing several roles within the team, closing some roles, and also creating new ones. We are working closely with our people throughout this process and supporting anyone whose role is affected.”

Internal emails noted that 10 new customer support roles were created for mobile devices, and redundant staff can sign up at will.

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