Dying Light 2’s First Major Story DLC Delayed

starfield it’s not the only major video game delay happening today. Techland has announced that the first major story DLC for Dying Light 2that was supposed to be released in June, actually won’t be released until September.

“Over the past few months, we’ve focused on adding some of the most requested features like New Game+ mode, FOV slider for consoles, and many co-op improvements,” the studio said. “Also, in June, we will be introducing the first chapter of the game titled In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner, packed with content and events, as well as the highly anticipated photo mode.”

“That said, we need a little more time to develop the first DLC in the story, which is now planned for release in September.”

Techland has already released some updates for Dying Light 2, including a Peacekeeper-themed armor and weapons set it is a new game mode moreand there is more to come. But this DLC will be the story’s first major expansion: the studio didn’t reveal details, but lead designer Tymon Smektała said WCCF Technology in April it will be “centered around a specific place outside of Villedor’s city limits” and “runs parallel to the main story so it can be started shortly after Aiden arrives in town”.

“We apologize for the delay, but we firmly believe that our community, fans and players deserve to receive truly unforgettable experiences,” Techland said. “We want the first major story DLC to live up to your expectations, giving it the absolute highest level of polish.”

And while I assume, a little more seriously, that the DLC throwback to Dying Light 2’s story isn’t a Starfield-level delay, it should still be a disappointment to fans. The updated development roadmap for Dying Light 2 is below.

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