Dying Light 2 will have a new game plus mode later this month

Techland’s Dying Light 2 arrived in early February, and like the parkour-em-ups that attack zombies, it’s great: our own Chris Livingston gave it 84% (opens in new tab), mainly because he couldn’t get enough of kicking guys off tall buildings. The developer said it plans to support the game for years to come, and the list of community-requested features includes a photo mode, new difficulties, and perhaps most of all, a new plus game mode.

Lead game designer Tymon Smektała said recently (opens in new tab) “These are definitely things that are on the table right now that are being worked on. I don’t want to go into too much detail here…but very soon, people will start to see these things being added in one way or another in the game.”

How much time? Try end of April soon.

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“Survivors, our team is hard at work on patch 3 for DL2 Stay Human. It will be one of the biggest patches we’ve released so far. In addition to many fixes for multiplayer and single-player, it will also introduce a new Game+ Mode, giving you more reasons to revisit The City. We are planning to release Patch 3 on all platforms by the end of this month. The full notes will be available once the update is released.”

Techland released an ambitious roadmap in January (opens in new tab) this suggests that patch 3 will also bring a series of events around mutated infected, while the first DLC in history remains scheduled for June. The current pledge is over five years of support, including both free and paid DLC, which seems like a big compromise: but it’s in keeping with the original Dying Light, which had a ton of DLCs, including The Following, which was very well done. .

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