Dying Light 2 now has a photo mode

Dying Light 2 has done very well since launch, displacing more than 5 million copies (opens in new tab), and developer Techland is committed to supporting the game for years to come. Recently delayed the first major story DLC (opens in new tab) for the game until September, but now patch 1.4 has arrived and, among other things, brings the long-awaited photo mode to the parkour-em-up sandbox.

“Due to popular demand, we decided to implement a Photo Mode!” read Techland’s blogpost (opens in new tab). “This feature will be available in single player game mode and you will be able to launch it in most situations. Still, due to complex parkour mechanics, it may be unavailable in some action sequences or poses.”

Photo mode features:

  • Various camera manipulation options including aperture, focus distance, zoom and scroll will help you to create dynamic screenshots.
  • Color adjustments such as temperature, exposure, saturation, contrast and vignette, with the addition of filters, will make every photo shine with mood and style.
  • Special Effects will allow you to create unique sequences straight from action movies.

The patch also adds a new ranking system for NPC titles, daily and weekly bounties that reward reputation points, several new unlockables including cosmetics and weapons, two new in-game currencies, new mutated enemy types, and some new parkour quests. time trial.

There are also a number of minor bug fixes, listed here (opens in new tab), including some fun ones like a cricket-based challenge that would apparently start players without the bat needed to complete it, and “the missing controller controls in the PC version of the game” have apparently now been restored. Techland boasts that in addition to everything listed, the patch includes “1491 other minor fixes”.

Dying Light is one of the most comprehensively supported games I’ve ever seen (actually, your last update came just as the sequel was being released (opens in new tab).) Techland is following suit here and has already released several updates for the sequel, including a Peacekeeper-themed armor and weapons set it is a new game mode more. There’s a lot more to come, and you can see the latest development roadmap below.

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