Don’t worry, AMD still supports overclocking on all AM5 cards

AMD has confirmed that its more affordable B650 motherboard chipset will support overclocking its Zen 4 processors. There were doubts about the chipset’s overclocking capabilities after it was officially released. announced the X670E, X670 and B650 at Computex 2022.

(Image credit: AMD)

One slide showed the two main supported chipsets “Extreme Overclocking” and “Enthusiast Overclocking” respectively, but there was no mention of overclocking next to the B650.

Maybe AMD hasn’t thought of an adjective good enough to match the overclocking capabilities of the main offering? “Mediocre overclocking” doesn’t have that all-important marketing zing. “Everyday Overclocking” has a surprising twist and is more in keeping with the name of the other two.

How much you’ll be able to get out of the Ryzen 7000 chips on this mainstream platform is an entirely different matter, of course, as the chipset that supports overclocking is only one factor in how good a motherboard is at pushing a chip a little harder. If the motherboard’s VRMs and power supply aren’t up to the task of providing enough stable power to the chips, you’re not out of luck anyway.

This is probably the real reason it highlighted the overclocking capabilities of the X670E and X670 – motherboards built around these chipsets will be high-end offerings and therefore will have the budget and prices to deliver more robust power delivery. By confirming that the B650 can also be overclocked, it leaves the door open for companies like MSI, Gigabyte, Asus and Asrock et al. to produce a great low-cost overclocking option if they so choose.

That AMD felt the need to confirm this so quickly (in a video interview with PCWorld (opens in new tab)) speaks volumes about the growing reaction to the idea that the most affordable chipset would lose the overclocking option.

It’s worth noting that current B550 motherboards support overclocking, although it’s rare that anyone really bothers, as AMD’s Ryzen 5000 chips are much better at managing their own clocks most of the time. Still, the option is there for those who like to tinker.

AMD’s Zen 4 architecture is expected to launch on the Ryzen 7000 in the fall, with AM5 motherboards and PCIe 5.0 SSDs arriving at the same time.

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