Dive deep into dangerous realms in the Nightingale co-op survival game

Shared world survival game Nightingale (opens in new tab) takes place in an alternate history of the Victorian era, where humans discovered magic and started playing with portals to strange new worlds. But, as often happens when visiting other dimensions, something goes terribly wrong.

Now you’ve been trapped in a faraway realm full of magic and monsters, and there’s only one way to survive: be cunning. Cutting down trees, chipping boulders, hunting for food, and building a base (or an estate, as they’re called in Nightingale) is just the beginning.

That’s because this magical world you’re trapped in isn’t the only one out there. In Nightingale, you’ll be able to open portals to more realms, and as the Summer Game Fest trailer showed today, to do that you’ll need to craft more than axes, weapons, and top hats. Rare materials will allow you to craft realm cards, which can be used to reactivate dormant portals to new worlds. Depending on the cards you create, you can move from a lush meadow to an arid desert, an arctic biome, or a wet swamp. Essentially, when crafting cards, you’ll dictate what you’ll find on the other side of the portal.

Why travel between realms? Because new kingdoms promise new resources to collect, and you’ll need them to build your estate, upgrade your weapons, and dress up in fancy vests and bowler hats. Sure, you’re rocking the Faewilds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish.

Just take care. These new realms are filled with enemy creatures, hostile factions, and other horrors that can’t seem to be dealt with with a single Victorian shotgun blast.

Nightingale (opens in new tab) plans to support up to 10 co-op players in a single game when it launches in Early Access sometime this year.

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