Dismantling Hardspace: Shipbreaker’s ships look even more satisfying in Lego

Sorting out Hardspace: Daredevil (opens in new tab)The meticulously designed relics of is one of the most satisfying things you can do in games right now. But what if you could physically destroy a spaceship with your bare hands?

Enter Lego artist Alexei Berteig’s blocky recreation of an early game mackerel. Although created as a promotion for Focus Entertainment and Blackbird Interactive’s rescue simulator, there’s something downright joyful about seeing Hardspace’s block buses at table scale.

My favorite thing about building Berteig is that more than just creating a scale model of a Hardspace ship, he’s ensured it’s fully deconstructed in the way you’d expect it to come out of the game. The Cavala is built around a solid structural structure, items hanging from interior walls, all contained within a nanocarbon outer hull formed by removable panels.

As someone who doesn’t follow Lego builds, it was fascinating to hear Berteig explain how he keeps the model structurally sound – using Technic components to reinforce stress points and ensure the design has as few gaps as possible. The whole thing is also built to minifigure scale, and certain parts have their shapes adjusted to still retain their character to that scale, even if the shapes aren’t exactly exact.

(Image credit: Focus Entertainment)

But the real trick to Berteig’s design doesn’t become apparent until the very end, when, after finishing construction, he finds ways to convincingly destroy it. It creates a bunch of supports to hold individual parts in zero-g as they are dismantled – alone or supported by other parts of the ship. Against a black background it looks incredibly cool, hull panels and cockpit chairs floating in space, a remarkably clever way to represent a ship being dismantled.

If you want to make your own Mackerel, Focus has easily provided a PDF (opens in new tab) with step-by-step instructions and a complete parts list. Of course, they don’t tell you how much all these parts will cost you

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