Despite the name, Soulstice isn’t trying to be a Soulslike

There are so many Souls-like games out there now that it’s easy to mistake third-person action in a dark world for an aspiring fantasy RPG from FromSoftware. Based on the name alone, you might assume that Soulstice is one of those games, but you can see it in the new trailer shown on the PC game program (opens in new tab) today that it will be far from it when it launches later this year.

Soulstice is an action game with characters that is much closer to Devil May Cry than Dark Souls. In a recent combat video (opens in new tab), you can see how main character Briar can juggle enemies in the air and transform his weapon mid-combo. The game isn’t about trading blows with slow attackers; it’s about punching your enemies to a pulp and doing it fast.

The new story trailer focuses on the partnership between Briar and her ghostly sister Lute. The two are linked, but it looks like Briar’s role as a demonic ‘Chimera’ could tear them apart. Briar’s big armor, big sword, and big eyepatch are obvious references to Berserk’s iconic hero Guts, but otherwise, there’s not much overlap with FromSoftware’s style. The movie sees her fighting a ton of grotesque monsters: a glowing golem, a sharp wolf, and a floating mangled-headed demon that looks like you’ll have to defeat as bosses in the game.

“Soulstice strips Souls games of atmosphere, not gameplay,” said creative director Fabio Pagetti. last year (opens in new tab). “Combat is completely a hack-and-slash game, not the slow tactical combat you get in Dark Souls and Bloodborne. I like it a lot, I’m a big fan. But our combat is more like Devil May Combat Cry, Bayonetta and Nier . It is very fast.”

The trailer lines up with Pagetti’s comments. It feels much faster than the Souls games and much more interested in telling a story about distinct characters versus player-created heroes.

Reply Game Studios plans to release Soulstice on September 20th. You can visit the website (opens in new tab) to register for an initial PC demo.

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