Deathloop now has photo mode and better accessibility options

Deathloop, for me, was one of the most stylish games of 2021. While firmly defined as a small dystopian island shooter, there was something very Met Gala about a man in hot pink trying to kill you as you ran away screaming. The fashion of the characters and NPCs is something special, as is the highly stylized world they inhabit, so it’s only natural that Arkane has finally introduced a photo mode along with other accessibility options in a recent update.

Bethesda has released a short video on YouTube celebrating the photo mode showing off its versatility. As with most photo modes, you can place Colt in various positions to make him fit into the world effortlessly. But you can also trade him for the assassin Julianna and live out your murderous fantasies that way. Very cool to be able to dive into the game, albeit a little after its initial release, and observe the attention to detail that Arkane has had with the project.

But what’s even cooler, and will make all the difference for some players, are the new accessibility options. A word from lead UI/UX designer Yoann Bazoge on the blog post about the update says, “We’re really grateful to the players and allied community who gave us so much feedback when Deathloop came out. We took the time to read all the accessibility reviews and watch the videos of players explaining why they couldn’t. , we worked on a document listing all the comments and worked out a roadmap of what the additions would be for Game Update 3.”

The result is 30 new improvements to menu navigation options for gameplay options. You can change the combat difficulty, adjust the number of reruns (lives) Colt has, and even slow down the game. There is a complete list of changes on here. Bazoge also notes that the team estimates that there are a total of 400 million people who need at least a little assistance when playing. “A lot of people can feel left out without some of these options. When we started to discuss this with our teams, people were very excited about the idea of ​​developing all of this.”

I hope this means that even more people can check out the game. But while you’re at it, one of Arkane’s other games The prey is currently free on the Epic Games Store.

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