Dead Cells is getting accessibility features, including an assist mode

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After a year in Early Access, action platformer bastard dead cells reached version 1.0 in 2018. It is still being updated regularly, with recent additions including The Queen and the Sea DLC and free add-on break the bank. There’s more to come. In a recent interview with Twinfinitemarketing manager Matthew Houghton said, “When I first came to Dead Cells about a year ago, Arthur [Décamp, designer] showed me the game and what the team still had and I said, ‘OK, so we’re only halfway through Dead Cells now.

In that interview, Houghton and Décamp discussed an update that has been in the works for the past four months that will rework some of the older weapons, reduce the cost of early-game items, and add a substantial list of accessibility features. “Obviously we kept in mind that Dead Cells should remain challenging for everyone,” Houghton said, “but now you can adapt the challenge to your needs and enjoy the game and tweak the experience to make it better for you. “

These features are available to try on the current alpha version. These include input customization (with options like removing long presses and tricky inputs), visual customization (with options to change fonts, colors, outlines, size and UI transparency), sound customization (with separate sliders for volume of active skills, enemies, the environment, interactives, and so on) and an assist mode.

“When you turn on assist mode,” Houghton said, “there’s a disclaimer that says part of the fun of Dead Cells is enjoying the tough but fair experience, but we know it can be tricky for some people.” Assist mode will allow you to activate continuations, resurrecting at the start of the current biome instead of coming back at the start of the game, as well as an auto-hit mode to automatically target enemies in melee combat, sliders for trap damage , enemy damage and enemy health, and options to slow the trap and widen the parry window.

The accessibility features are being tested by an Able Gamers panel, but they will also be a boon for everyone who hit a wall in Dead Cells and realized they could never go any further. Which I suspect is most people who play for any length of time.

If you want to try alpha, backup your save, right-click Dead Cells in your Steam library, select Properties, the Betas tab, then the “public_alpha – alpha – not for the weak hearted…” After that, Steam will download the update and you can join.

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