Dataminer Elden Ring sheds more light on the mysterious coliseums of the Lands Between

Elden Ring dataminer Sekiro Dubi delved into these huge and inaccessible arenas dotted across all the lands in between first highlighted by fellow Souls hacker Lance McDonald. Sekiro Dubi has restored a Site of Grace and some programmed enemies to the areas, shedding more light on their intended use.

at Lance’s house original videohe passed through the locked entrance to the Limgrave arena with a free camera tool to take a look inside, revealing sprawling seats, a sandbox for combat, and opposing elevators leading to the colosseum’s underworld.

Sekiro Dubi scoured files related to the “Leyndell Colosseum”, redeploying its interior for normal gameplay alongside an unused Site of Grace. The entrance to the coliseum is lit by torches and has an altar with some sort of fossil-like rock formation on top.

Sekiro Dubi also showed the arena itself, where a Lion Guardian (one of those knife lions from Redmane or Castle Sol) fights a Grave Warden, a gladiator-like enemy found outside the Leyndell arena and as a boss in various catacombs throughout the course. world.

It is still unclear what purpose these arenas were supposed to serve. Much of the speculation has focused on their potential as PvP arenas similar to those in Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss or Ashes of Ariandel from Dark Souls 3. Given that they featured NPC opponents at some point, I could also see them being used. for a boss race mode like Sekiro’s.

Sekiro Dubi points out that the Ritual Shield Talisman item description mentions arena combat taking place in the setting’s past, potentially indicating that these arenas could appear in a time travel sequel like the Artorias of the Abyss or Ringed City DLCs.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long to see whether or not arenas influence FromSoft’s future plans for Elden Ring.

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