Dataminer Elden Ring Reveals What NPCs Are Hiding Under Their Masks

sweeps, Ring of Elden infamous introductory NPC who informs you that you don’t have a maiden, has a surprisingly pierceable face. I know this, because YouTuber Zullie the Witch found Varre’s character creator information buried in the Elden Ring archives and recreated him in his latest videoalongside the rest of the game’s most secretive characters.

Zullie the Witch, who is well known for digging into the innards of FromSoftware games and showing what they find, posted a video showing several secret Elden Ring characters without their masks or blindfolds. It looks like Zullie was able to pull data from the character creator’s slider to recreate exact matches of their faces in-game. Sweep, for example, is a smug man with a red tattoo imprinted on his forehead. D, Hunter of the Dead is a ghostly looking guy with white hair and extremely pale skin – which is funny for someone who hates death. AND Sorceress Sellen really has a face under that unnerving stone helmet.

Zullie said that characters like Melina, Ranni, and Renalla don’t have face creation data and can’t be copied to the creator, so they can’t be displayed in the same way. You’ll have to zoom in or stand behind them until their faces kiss the screen if you want to see their gazes up close.

I’m amazed that such a wide variety of pretty faces can be born from the game’s character creator. It often seems impossible not to make someone with slightly uneven proportions in Elden Ring, but FromSoftware apparently used the same tools to build some of their characters that players use – and took extra care to ensure these NPCs were an above average cut. from creation. a character, even if you never see their faces.

Zullie has a second video which focuses on enemies you’d have a hard time staying still for a photo shoot.

Many of the mugs there are invading NPCs that you fight throughout the game, such as Recusant Henricus and Anastasia, Tarnished-Eater. Anastasia, alarmingly, has glowing yellow eyes and multiple scars on her face. She should consider eating food that doesn’t fight back, in my opinion.

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