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Dark Souls tabletop RPG is being reprinted due to bugs

Dark Souls is an iconic game for reasons that we’ve dissected a lot in these pages. What’s less talked about is that the series is also known for being pretty weird – just look at the dreadful PC port of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition and the improved but still iffy performance of Elden Ring on PC.

Unfortunately, Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game, a tabletop RPG released last week, inherited minor traits from the series, with polygons report that players were frustrated with the amount of bugs and inconsistencies in the game. Now, however, game designer Steamforged Games has recognized the scale of the issues and is apparently determined to fix things.

In a statement on your blog, Steamforged Games issued “a sincere apology” and said it was preparing to reprint the book. Here’s the important part:

“We want to make it clear that we take this matter extremely seriously and have therefore decided that the best course of action is to order reprints of the book, issuing replacement copies to customers who have already purchased or pre-ordered the Standard Edition and/or Collector.”

They added that the PDF version will also be reprinted.

(Image credit: Steamforged Games)

Because of the large number of bugs, Steamforged is not yet able to give a timescale for when reprints will ship beyond “soon”. The list of problems It’s actually quite extensive and includes things like launchers who don’t have the starting stats to use one of their “recommended” weapons and confusion over the Death system (which is particularly egregious given that death and rebirth is something of a central theme. for Dark Souls).

When these issues were first raised, Steamforged said that “these concerns should not affect the gameplay of the game”, but it seems the continuing wave of complaints has prompted them to take action.

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