Crytek apologizes for Hunt: Showdown issues, extends Traitor’s Moon event

The Traitor’s Moon event in Hunt: Confrontation (opens in new tab) which started in March offered some “sweet legendary skins (opens in new tab)” for players able to rack up enough points to get them. It wasn’t clear how much it would actually take to get the job done, but we speculated that it would take “a few matches over the 21-day duration of the event to hit the top unlocks.”

For some players, however, the process was complicated by bugs, connectivity issues, and other issues, forcing servers offline so developers could deploy hotfixes and try to resolve disconnections. These interruptions, as Crytek said today on Twitter, prevented some players from “comfortably participating in the event”. As a result, he has extended the Traitor’s Moon event to April 18th – it was originally scheduled to end on April 14th.

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“We are also aware that some of you may have lost boots due to downtime, so we are currently in the process of determining how best to compensate for this,” Crytek wrote. “We’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more.

“Thank you all once again for your support during this event, we know it wasn’t easy but we appreciate your staying with us and apologize for any inconvenience caused by the downtime and issues encountered.”

The most recently to update (opens in new tab), which was released today, fixes an exploit that allowed players to be killed multiple times during a game. Crytek has also warned that it is reversing the deaths of players who abused the exploit to “excessively inflate” their kill and kill rates and will issue warnings and bans to players depending on the severity of the infraction. The update also fixes a bug that was causing a Gold Cash Register to constantly appear in a certain location (spawns were supposed to be random) and makes “general server stability improvements”.

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