Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio will return in ‘big budget’ reboots, report says

Bright Colors, The Offspring, kerrr-razehhh voices and the vibrant final years of arcades before they became Supernova and gave way to the emo darkness of the early 2000s. Sega’s cool and comical roller-skating games Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio were symbols of that innocent time. , and now it looks like they’re heading back for new rides.

according to one Bloomberg reportnew entries in the Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio series will mark the start of Sega’s ‘Super Game’ project, which will eventually involve around four games, one of which we know will be a first-person shooter. Crazy Taxi game is already in development and should be released in the next two to three years.

But before you think these reboots will be nostalgia trips to the sun-smoothed tracks of the year 2000, it’s worth bearing in mind that Sega apparently wants to monetize its games ‘more aggressively’ and offer “content and services that can create a great community.” This is serious Service Game language, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but makes one a little cautious.

The original Crazy Taxi for the Dreamcast was the first time in my life that I witnessed a game running at 60fps on a home console. I don’t think I’ve ever played the game for more than 10 minutes at a time, but guy were exciting – largely because the game kicked off with ‘All I Want’ by The Offspring.

Jet Set Radio was a deeper game, but in the same spirit — rollerblading through a colorful city to a cheery soundtrack, marking playgrounds, doing stunts, and occasionally getting shot by a guy with a gun (which always seemed a little discordant with the tone of the game).

Looks like the two games are still a bit far off, so to get those millennial kicks, you can play the original. crazy taxi and Jet Set Radio on Steam. independent studio Meanwhile, Team Reptile is working on Bomb Rush Cyberfunkwhich appears to be the successor to Jet Set Radio.

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