Chrono Cross mod fixes horrible crashes and FPS drops

When a remastered version of Chrono Cross, one of the most beloved PS1 JRPGs of all time, was announced in February, sent our Wes Fenlon’s heart all fluttering. Upon launch a few weeks ago, however, hearts were broken as the poor quality of the port became apparent. The game was hampered by frame rate drops, crashes, and overall performance that Digital casting described as “comparable to the PlayStation original’s 10-30fps range”.

It looks like someone at Square Enix had a bastard vision of ‘staying true to the original’, but on PC at least the game has found redemption. modder isa released a mod that seems to significantly improve performance, keeping the game at its native 30fps and even going over it at times. Check out YouTuber BltzZ’s reaction to the performance boost in the video below, which also shows some ‘Before and After’ that the fix was implemented.

According to isa, the fix was achieved by “taking multiple addresses in the Cheat Engine to try to resolve the frame rate issues”. They went on to say, “I don’t know what this actually does, but if you want to try it, feel free!”

Positive player feedback on this tweak motivated fellow modder KddN7 to package everything into an IPS file, which you run using a patch tool called lunar IPS. The patch also converts the game into a 64-bit application as a small bonus.

So this is great news for Chrono Cross PC players, although people are understandably unhappy that in order to get this, new $20 remaster working properly, you need to modify it as you would some Vista-era Games for Windows game. Once the fix is ​​working, you should try playing the game on the Steam Deck (if you’re one of the lucky few to have one), which Wes just declared himself the best JRPG laptop.

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