Chivalry 2 is finally on Steam and it finally has horses

Chivalry 2’s Epic Game Store exclusivity period is over: the multiplayer medieval combat game released on Steam (opens in new tab) today. The free Tenosian Invasion update has also been released for all platforms.

I was able to check parts of this update last month. The new Ottoman Empire-inspired Tenosia faction is more agile and scholarly than the Agathians at war to the north, and brings horses into the game, finally, as well as some gunpowder in one of two new team objective maps.

In the first of these new maps, the Tenosians attack an outpost controlled by the Freemasonry Order, while the other sees Tenosia defend a replacement for the Library of Alexandria from Freemasons’ retaliation.

There are also new deathmatch maps, but the most important addition, at least for me, is the horses. Finally, the best multiplayer medieval combat game includes jousting.

If none of this ‘agathians’ and ‘Freemasons’ and ‘horses’ stuff means anything to you, I promise it doesn’t matter. Factions fight over castles and muddy fields in a made-up historical land while parodying archetypes of medieval knights and peasants. Horses, on the other hand, are large mammals.

I’ve been a fan of Chivalry 2 since it came out and I hope the Steam release will bring a new crowd. It’s not the kind of game I’m going to go back to weekly, or put in hours of Rocket League or Siege, but it’s a great way to kill an hour for two when I’m in the mood to throw chickens at people and chop off arms. Despite its silliness, Chivalry 2’s combat is more than subtle enough to be a competitive sport – I explain more in my review from last year.

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