Check out this beautiful World of Warcraft-style Elden Ring map

Elden ring and World of Warcraft are not games you would necessarily expect to see clashing with each other, but the Twitter user aza smashed the two universes together creating an Azeroth-style map of the Midlands, as seen by Wow.

The map, which you can see below, shows the full overworld found in Elden Ring, complete with landmarks and terrain that would be right at home in Blizzard’s MMO. Every detail seems to be taken into account, even the elevations of specific areas and the Lesser Erdtrees you find in the various regions.

(Image credit: @Azapls on Twitter)

Elden Ring was launched in February and despite the ongoing PC performance issues, the hype that led to From Software’s newest game was well deserved. Meanwhile, World of Warcraft recently announced its next expansion, dragonflightwhich should take us to the Dragon Isles for the first time.

Of course, both games have a story with dragons, large flammable trees, an undead prince, and divine beings vying for power. But despite that, it’s not something I expected to see – it just works, somehow.

This map might be the closest thing we’ve ever come to any kind of crossover of the two very different games and that’s probably the best. But it’s still pretty cool.

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