Check out this 30-second clip of Skate 4 in pre-alpha

The Skate series might not be as good a name to the casual ear as Tony Hawk’s, but those in the know will say that Skate was the purest representation of the art of skating; realistic movements, more frequent drops and even learning to grind had a learning curve. After a 12-year hiatus, EA announced in February that the series would return “soon”, and now it looks like we have our first glimpse of what the game will vaguely look like.

Gaming journalist Jeff Grubb posted a tweet this morning apparently showing pre-alpha footage of Skate 4.

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The 30-second clip doesn’t really show us what the game will be like, as clearly the focus in the clip is on mechanics rather than graphics (which I would describe as what a PS2-era skateboarding game set in the world of ‘Doug’ would look like).

The clip, however, does give some hints of flow, animation, and the character running a bit on foot. As Grubb comments: “It seems like the emphasis is on fluidity of animation, and it looks like EA is fulfilling their desire to give all of their developers enough time to prototype (the Respawn method)”.

Of course, it’s still pretty tough, but you’ve got to admire the realistic impact physics as the player double-jumps a 20-foot-tall wall forward and lands on their feet only for their legs to sink under them. I’m also curious based on this clip if there will be an option to climb the ledges to get to places you would otherwise have to skate to get to.

The new Skate game has been in the works since at least early 2020, with EA announcing in June of that year that it was “in very early development”. In August 2021, the Skate’s Twitter page was teased that would also come to PC, which would make it the first game in the series to come to our beloved platform.

But this is no longer 2010; the PC is well served for skateboarding games these days with the remakes of Skater XL, Session and Tony Hawk’s, so the next Skate will face some serious competition.

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