Check out these wicked helicopter skills in GTA Online

When it comes to flying in GTA Online (opens in new tab), I’m only good at going in one direction – down. I would consider it an achievement to land a plane without overshooting the runway, or to land a helicopter without catching the rotors in the world’s geometry and turning the vehicle into a gigantic cluster grenade.

So I was blown away by reddit user Boltrax’s short but scintillating compilation of flying GTA Online’s ‘Havok’ helicopter through the game’s least helicopter-friendly areas. Posted under title ‘Going where I shouldn’t with chaos’ (opens in new tab)the video shows Boltrax threading the needle under terribly low bridges and through ridiculously narrow tunnels.

It might be short, at exactly one minute long, but it’s possibly the most moving movie I’ve seen all year. At one point, the Boltrax descends under a road bridge so low that the Havok’s rotors scrape the underside of the bridge. The last ten seconds of the video, meanwhile, show Boltrax going through a rail tunnel which, as pointed out by another user further down, visually resembles the trench run at the end of Star Wars.

Boltrax isn’t the only Havok ace to appear on the thread either. Another user, NoRagrets4Me, has links to several of his own videos piloting Havok in totally inappropriate areas, including a channel (opens in new tab)it is a construction site (opens in new tab). Its clips aren’t as propulsive as Boltrax’s 60-second action movie, but it’s still impressively controlled flight.

GTA Online has a well-established virtual stunt community, Joe Donnelly explored the game reckless subculture (opens in new tab) a few years ago, while the game itself provided more official support for stunts in the form of a TrackMania-style stunt racing mode (opens in new tab) around the same time. Given that GTA V is almost ten years old now, it’s amazing how much players can still squeeze into Los Santos.

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