Call of Duty: Vanguard glitch has players running like Apex

Everything old is new again, as an old Call of Duty glitch suddenly reappeared midway through the game. COD: Vanguard (opens in new tab). The various COD games are continually playing with bugs, of course, even though the days of recurring infinite pacing glitch seems to be over (opens in new tab)and the latter is a bit classic: so much so that I’m not even sure which entry it originated from, although it always appears in Zombies modes.

Essentially, the moment a player is supposed to be killed, they are transported to a nearby wall (alive) and can continue to play at a 90 degree angle. Anyone who’s played COD will be familiar with how the screen kind of blacks out at the moment of death, and clearly that’s happening here, but not quite as it should.

You can see the glitch in the video below, where redditor ‘UrNutCracko’ stands next to an exploding motorcycle: which must mean death. Instead, once the smoke clears, the player is left ‘standing’ on the wall and able to swing back and forth.

This seems rare: there isn’t an epidemic of Spider-Men running around the Vanguard (that would be Fortnite). But it’s common enough that other players have experimented with it, with some saying it can also be triggered by landing from a high jump, landing from a parachute, even jumping out of a shed, all of which seem to have the thread of the character’s death. of the player. Apparently, players can later correct perspective by getting in and out of a vehicle.

“This shit used to happen all the time on CW Zombies (it still does, but not that often),” writes player icyhotonmynuts (god bless COD). “Funny, it only started when Vanguard was released… Anyway, I would jump off a building or cliff and land with the screen 45° out of order. That would be the best scenario. I jumped out of a shed once and the picture did a 180.”

Sledgehammer has yet to comment on the flaw: I’ve emailed it and will update with any response.

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