Bungie’s Crazy Guys Are Finally Giving Destiny 2 Players More Storage Space

Hidden in the last patch notes This week at Bungiean old request from the Destiny 2 community has been at least partially granted: each Guardian is getting 100 extra storage slots in their vault, bringing the total to 600.

This may not seem like a big deal, but in this five-year-old MMO whose main verb is “shoot”, 500 slots have started to feel a little tight for veteran players’ arsenals. PC Gamer’s resident Destiny demon Tim Clark wrote about the subject back in October, particularly noting that Bungie’s increased responsiveness when tweaking the game’s sandbox encourages being a pack rat, as you never know which archetype or scroll will dominate the next meta.

The 100 bonus slots will give players a little more breathing room, and TWAB notes that the team will “continue to investigate future solutions,” meaning more substantial changes to the vault will come in the future.

TWAB also covered new rewards and changes to Trials of Osiris in the upcoming Solstice (formerly Solstice of Heroes) event. Bungie will introduce event-related badges, such as the ones players can now earn for completing seasonal activities, as well as an “Event Card” system to keep track of Solstice activities and rewards.

Notably absent were any details about the new season’s release on Tuesday, plus an outline of the rewards that come with Friday’s new dungeon. This isn’t the first time Bungie has kept its cards closed with a new season, and my favorite season, Arrivals, had a similar reveal on launch day. Here’s waiting for the season [Redacted] maintains the momentum of excellent expansion of Queen of Witches.

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