Building Elden Ring ‘Terminator’ obliterates other players with nonstop fire

If you see it unshakable Elden ring character step on you with helfire bursting from their eyes, you better run. For several horrible seconds, this Adam Barker build will ruin anyone in its path.

Barker calls this mechanical construction, probably because it’s unstoppable and unleashes a barrage of missile-like projectiles. To me, it seems closer to Cyclops or Terminator. Either way, it’s a monstrous combination of spells and items that make your character basically immortal as you inflict Madness on your enemies for a lot of damage.

The construction revolves around the Unbearable Frenzy enchantment. It has a high faith requirement and you need to be deep in the game to get it, but it’s one of the strongest frenzy spells available. It’s usually hard to keep the flames going out consistently while fighting other players in PvP, so Barker added a bunch of buffs.

From what I can tell from the video and from Barker’s Twitter comments, they are using the Aromatic Iron Pitcher, which uses a little FP to make your character have a lot of balance so he can’t get sidetracked from actions. They also added in two Physicist’s Wonderful Flask buffs to make spells temporarily cost zero FP and convert all damage to HP. You can also see that Barker has the Dragon’s Communion Seal which causes enchantments to increase with your arcane stat, so the enchantment’s damage and the stack of Madness on opponents is even greater.

The result is an unstoppable building that feeds off enemy attacks. As I said, the only answer against this thing is to run away until the buffs wear off. Otherwise, you’re only making him stronger.

It reminds me of plague of death built in which largely involves the attacker chasing his victims, but at least here, the Madness infliction doesn’t kill you instantly without recourse. There’s something clever about creating a build that incites people to attack you when the build is made not only to resist retaliation, but also to benefit from it through HP’s conversion. Elden Ring players are persistent, and Barker found a way to exploit that.

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