Brave modder tries to make Turok 2 a decent game

Turok 2 is a bunch of oldies, and I should have known. As a teenage N64 owner, it was all the rage in gaming magazines, with a notable exit even awarding it a 10. The game had hype. Added to my Christmas list. What a waste of a slot that was.

Okay, okay, I’m possibly exaggerating (what a WASTE of slot), and there’s a sizable minority of people who love this dinosaur hunting FPS series. In theory, there’s a lot to like: a cool setup, dinosaurs as baddies, which is always great, and random bits of future technology and aliens to spice things up. I think it’s mandatory to mention the brain hole, a projectile that attaches itself to an enemy’s head and pierces their brain. Which was probably the most fun I’ve ever had with Turok 2.

Well, the Totalitarian modder is here to make it all right again. Your Turok 2+ mod (opens in new tab) is designed for those looking for “an enhanced Turok 2 gaming experience” that doesn’t stray too far from the original game’s design decisions (thanks DSOGaming (opens in new tab)). The mod is for Turok 2: Remastered by Night Dive Studios, and it’s quite a review.

(Image credit: Night Dive Studios)

They may have actually achieved this. Among other things, the mod overhauls several weapons to add new alternate fire modes, effects, and balance adjustments. The enemy AI has been adjusted so that “severely underutilized behavior [is] good use”, they have new attacks and a new spawn system to account for extended draw distances.

The mod adds new player mechanics including a double jump, new alternate fire modes, something called a spirit cannon (I think it’s a minigun) and boosts character movement to something more like the zippiness of the original Turok. Levels have also been changed to account for new player and enemy mechanics, including new encounters, but the layouts have not changed.

So, for anyone who has played this game, the most important thing: a difficult rebalancing. The mod adds quick saves and a hint function, but more generally “it’s not the brutal beast the game was originally on the N64”, writes Totalitarian. “If you choose higher difficulty modes, you’ll face more enemies (as an example) to compensate.”

I also admire the modder’s ability for an astute backhand: one of the final notes on this mod is about bug fixes, and it says the mod adds: “a professional standard of polish”.

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