Borderlands 3 is free on the Epic Store

Last week’s Epic Games Store freebie was big, and this week’s is even bigger. The “mystery game” locked behind the safe in last week’s teaser was revealed as borders 3, Gearbox’s multi-million selling out-of-the-world loot shooter.

Epic’s offer served as an uncomfortable reminder to many of us here at PC Gamer that Borderlands 3 is actually three years old, having been released in 2019. It’s not a very new game (although it looks like one), but it’s a huge blow. . It was the best selling game in the history of publisher 2K Games, breaking five million sales in just five days and surpassing 15 million sales since then. It also kicked off another big “new franchise” in the form of Tiny Tiny’s Wonderlands, which actually Exceeded 2K’s Expectations after its release in March.

Interestingly, we liked, but definitely didn’t love, Borderlands 3 when it came out: Filming was good, but the mood “stuck in the late 2000s, when superficial vulgarity was enough to qualify as “edgy” wasn’t.

“It’s simultaneously repulsive and compulsive, an FPS RPG that excels when its weapon generation system spits out weapons that are great for shooting, adorned with shattered stats capable of turning hordes of henchmen, bugs, and soldiers into clouds of red mist, elemental particles. , explosions and large numbers of damage,” we wrote in a 63% rating. “Then he tells one of his many long bad jokes and the cloud dissipates.”

You really can’t go wrong with the price, though.

Borderlands 3 is free on the Epic Store until May 26. Next week’s freebie could be big too – like Borderlands 3, it’s being kept in the vault as a mystery game.

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