‘Block Quake’ Offers The Lego Quake Experience We Didn’t Know We Needed

Modder Kebby_Quake spat in Shub-Niggurath’s face, creating a mod for Quake that replaces weapons, enemies, and pickups with Lego Facsimilesbringing a childlike innocence and whimsy to Trent Reznor’s gruesome FPS score.

Kebby’s work is impressive and displays the same mischievous sense of humor as Lego Star Wars games. Humanoid enemies have been replaced with minifigures, while more complex enemies like Scrag have faithful block-based designs. I especially like what Kebby did with the game’s weapons. They built the Super Shotgun with a double stack of those one-pin barrel-shaped Legos, while the Nailgun now fires tiny Lego pins as its projectiles.

Perhaps most exciting of all, if you manage to directly hit an enemy with the grenade or rocket launcher, your gibs are now tasteful red bricks, and your cute Lego head can just go flying.

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(Image credit: id Software, Kebby_Quake on YouTube)
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horrible vision of several dismembered lego dudes

(Image credit: id Software, Kebby_Quake on YouTube)

Kebby wisely avoids any direct association with Lego, referring exclusively to the plastic components of this new world as “blocks” with a wink and a little push. I have to imagine they’re safe though, if the notorious Lego competitor megablocks could remain legally unchallenged for so long. It’s not Nintendo we’re talking about here.

Kebby hasn’t finished Block Quake and has a list of ambitious (and hilarious) features they plan to implement in the future:

  • Add some blocky themed sound effects for weapons, enemies and objects.
  • Create new custom block-themed HUD and GUI graphics.
  • Possible mod support for online multiplayer modes like QuakeWorld CTF (maybe!)
  • Complete the new Shattered and Blood Blocked Limb models for the CustomC source code review version.
  • When CustomC is complete, implement the new source code changes in the ProgsDump release.
  • Censor the entire game and remove any adult-themed content and replace it with age-appropriate material.
  • Finish off Blocky WAD textures by adding more variety of brick patterns and color options.
  • Create some Blocky themed maps in Trenchbroom and maybe have a Block Quake Map Jam! (eventually)

Finally, the child-appropriate Quake I was denied in 1996 at the age of one. Block Quake is compatible with the game’s various source ports, as well as the excellent Nightdive remaster. Block Quake is available for download at Kebby_Quake’s GitHubGenericName and itch.io pages, and here are some images of the mod running in remaster horde mode.

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