Become a thread of light and save a magical forest in the Witch Strandings metaphysical transport game

Witch Strandings, the new game from Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator designer and one-time PC Gamer writer Xalavier Nelson Jr., will arrive in Steam (opens in new tab)GOG and Epic Games Store on July 7th. The release date and a new live action teaser were revealed during today’s Guerrilla Collective online presentation.

In Witch Strandings, you become a thread of light in a world from top to bottom, creating paths through the darkness, nurturing the creatures of the forest, repairing ancient structures, and ultimately confronting the witch who destroyed it. The teaser doesn’t say much about the game, but luckily the Steam page is here to tell us more. Witch Strandings “dials to the emerging genre of physical transport”, which, I admit, I didn’t know was an emerging genre. What this works in terms of gameplay is:

  • Carry supplies through the Forest to nurture transformed creatures.
  • Whether flicking your mouse quickly to move through raging rapids or advancing to avoid being engulfed in quicksand, a unique method of cursor control makes your journey a physical experience.
  • Amazing open world with distinct biomes and a day-night cycle.
  • Activate ancient structures to strengthen your link to the land of the living.
  • Create your own paths through a cursed and ruined forest.
  • Use haunted mushrooms, mystical artifacts and more to alter the world.
  • Kill any character at any time—permanently.
  • Confront the Witch and decide the fate of the Forest.
  • You are a forest spirit; a thread of light in the darkness. Make the Forest a better place – or strangle it.

“Witch Strandings is a psychic nightmare about being introduced to a truly cursed place – and finding the spirit to make it good,” Nelson said. “Bringing something so strange and compelling to life required a partner who understood our vision and a truly unique vision of what a game trailer could be – and in both cases, [publisher] Modern Wolf delivered.”

Witch Strandings is available to wishlist now on Steam, and as mentioned, it’s coming to GOG and Epic as well. Until then, you can find out more about what’s going on in Discord (opens in new tab).

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