Be the monsters in the Slay the Spire fan expansion, Downfall, out now

In works for a a few years now The Slay the Spire mod, turned fan expansion, Downfall has finally been released – it even has one of those fancy Steam pages like a proper game but for a mod. I love those.

The Slay the Spire card game is one of the best games released in the last decade, with an elegant design (our words) deckbuilder and roguelike that fuses the best of the genre’s tabletop origins with the kind of surprise you only get in digital form.

And Downfall deserves it, a huge loving tribute to the base game that adds a well-balanced new character: The Hermit, whose clever trick is that the position of some of his cards in his hand matters. A card in the exact center is Dead On, so it gains a bonus effect.

But the real attraction of Downfall is the titular game mode. In a Downfall run, you play as one of the Seven villainous characters and fight your way through the tower, meeting the base game’s heroes as you go. That’s right, you can finally take control of the slime boss and his fancy little hat. The downfal villains are a little more complex than the base characters, so it’s a really fun way to get back in the game if you’re a discontinued player.

You can find Downfall: The Slay the Spire Fan Expansion on Steam.

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