Batman Got the Yoshitaka Amano Treatment and It’s Gorgeous

The August issue of DC’s Detective Comics is set to feature some gorgeous artwork by one of my all-time favorite artists: Yoshitaka Amano.

Amano’s iconic illustrations have graced many Final Fantasy games, shaping their early iconic aesthetic with their thin, ethereal designs. Now, he’s lending his distinctive style to Detective Comics issue 1063 as part of a special cover variant (thanks, kotaku (opens in new tab)). It features Batman cradling a woman – said to be Batman’s girlfriend Talia al Ghul – in a Gothic setting.

The cover variant is relatively rare, with only one being printed for every 25 copies of the standard edition. It’s very impressive, though, and a variant worth seeking out for lovers of Amano’s work.

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The next cover variant is just one of the many illustrations Amano has done for DC. As shown by TropicalMaru on Twitter, he also made an amazing piece of Harley Quinn along with Batgirl, Superman and a Suicide Squad cover art. he really finished another Batman cape (opens in new tab) variant in the past for issue one of DC vs Vampires. That one has the superhero looking a lot more twisted, surrounded by friends like Robin and Batgirl.

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