Back 4 Blood DLC trailer shows off new characters, enemies and a rechargeable hammer

originally announced back in march (opens in new tab)The first Back 4 Blood ‘Tunnels of Terror’ DLC pack now has a launch trailer, allowing you to see exactly what horrors await you beneath the game’s zombie-infested city of Evansburgh.

The trailer shows off several new features introduced in the DLC. It gives us a proper glimpse of the two new characters: Sharice, a former firefighter turned pyromaniac, and Heng, a chef who uses his knife skills to slice zombies into sushi. We also take a look at a bunch of new “Warped Ridden” enemy variants, which frankly don’t look any more distinguishable than the ones already in the game.

Additionally, there’s an overview of the new ‘Ridden Hives’ co-op activity, which sees players delving into seven underground dungeons to clear them of hordes of the undead. This sounds like an extension of the main campaign’s ‘Pipe Cleaners’ level, which was a gloriously scary undertaking on its own. I’m not sure digging through damp sewers and caves would keep my interest sevenfold.

By far the thing that excites me the most is the refillable hammer shown at the end of the trailer. How do you reload a hammer you ask? Well, it looks like the hammer has an explosive cap attached to its head, which detonates on impact and can be replaced. So refillable hammer. The trailer doesn’t reveal what this weapon is called, unfortunately, but it appears to be one of the seven legendary weapons that Tunnels of Terror will add to the game.

The hammer is arguably the highlight in what otherwise appears to be a useful, if not spectacular, DLC pack. Tunnels of Terror crawls from the abyss on April 12. There’s no word on pricing yet, but it’s being released alongside a free update that adds a new difficulty mode called ‘No Hope’.

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