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Are you telling me we could have reversible USB cables all the time?

What the heck folks, why haven’t we had reversible USB cables on our peripherals for years? I mean, I understand that with USB Type-C it doesn’t matter which way you plug in the cable anymore – unless you are an absolute monster, that is, but we could have this along with the classic and ‘normal’ USB plugs. Or did everyone already know that, and my amazement at finding this Lightning cable-looking bastard in the box of a new keyboard is just me being too late?

I’ve been checking out a bunch of new keyboards lately, like the glorious little Everest Mountain 60 and the almost glorious NZXT MiniTKL Functionbut I also didn’t have my chin hitting the floor as hard as when pulling the Kemove K68 Butterfly out of your box.

It’s a moderately weird curvy shape, and I still can’t quite get the lighting to hit my favorite hot pink aesthetic, but the board isn’t out yet, so I’ll forgive it for some software-based funkiness for now. That’s not the stunner, though.

It’s the included USB Type-A to Type-C cable that really shocked me. I mean, it doesn’t matter which way I plug it into my machine and it surprises me. since then i found some others online, which don’t look nearly as cool, housed as they are in the same rectangular metal shroud. This one is proud instead, and I love him for it.

However, this still begs the question why on earth have we been working under the yoke of non-reversible USB cables for so long when there is an alternative right under our noses?

The original reason for not making the first USB plugs reversible is cost. Ajay Bhatt, leader of the Intel team that created the Universal Serial Bus, it was registered to talk about “the biggest nuisance” being reversibility, but that was necessary because otherwise it would require twice as many wires and twice as many circuits, doubling the cost.

Given that it was a protocol designed to combat Apple’s typical expense of gluing Firewire to a motherboard, cost was the biggest reason for USB’s eventual success as a thing.

But I’m not buying that right now, when a small company that sells gaming keyboards via Kickstarter might package one with a new keeb. So screw those outdated and restrictive USB Type A plugs, I want my legacy cables to keep up with the times.

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