An Elden Ring scientist did the math: The Erdtree is higher than the Alps

Elden ring‘s Erdtree is its most notable landmark. Visible from almost anywhere in the Midlands (at least in the overworld), it towers over every area of ​​the game, even the high summits of the Giants’ Mountains at the northern end of the map. It is, to say the least, very large. But how big is ‘big’, exactly?

Well, YouTube expert from FromSoftware Zullie the Witch took it upon themselves to find out. In a video titled ‘How big is Erdtree?’ Zullie tried to measure Elden Ring’s giant golden glowstick while explaining her methodology:

“At the base, we could measure from where it meets the ground,” explains Zullie, “but the trunk continues for hundreds of meters below that.” Looking at the top of the tree, Zullie notes that “the trunk also cuts off abruptly at the top of the tree, but is naturally crowned by many branches that extend further up.”

Taking all this into account, Zullie measures the tree from its base below the overworld to the tip of its highest branch, concluding that the total height of the Erdtree model is approximately 5,048 meters tall (or 16,562 feet). This is higher than the highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blancwhich has an altitude of 4,808 m, or 15,773 feet.

That’s only if you include the entire model, though. As Zullie points out, trees “are not usually measured from the roots.” If you measure the Erdtree from the point where it emerges from the ground, then its height is a little less impressive at 4,452 m, or 14,606 ft. big mountains, including Japan’s Mount Fuji. It is also five times taller than the largest man-made structure on Earth, the Burj Khalifa In Dubai.

But how does Erdtree compare to other video game tallbois? Well, it’s just a change compared to the Citadel in Half-Life 2, which, after nine years of arguments and research, it was concluded to be 8,773 m high, which is close to the height of Mount Everest. There is still some debate on this measure, however, perhaps Elden Ring’s Erdtree can still win in this height fight.

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