An Apple I with CPU signed by Woz goes up for auction

The hardware of early desktop computing always feels like a kind of magic. None of this contains even a fraction of the computing power that lives in my pocket every day, but it’s fascinating to see what people were able to build long before the smartphone world. The ingenuity in some of these technologies was astounding, and some of them still work, and even sell for a good penny today.

One of those pieces is this Apple-1 that HotHardWare (opens in new tab) identified. Going to auction soon. It still has most of its original components and is in working order. That’s amazing since this is one of the original 200 machines designed by Steve Wozniak and built by hand. It could be one of the 80 that still exist. But to make it a little more special, this one is also signed by Woz himself.

The seller is Jimmy Grewal, founder of the Dubai-based company private collection of vintage Apple products. (opens in new tab) He is selling this special piece in an effort to help bring this collection to more people, whether in exhibitions or a permanent location. It is ready to be sold at eBay tomorrow (opens in new tab), and should sell for more than $400,000. That said, the top selling Apple-1 at auction was $905,000, so if anyone is feeling especially nostalgic, that number has the potential to go up a lot.

We also saw a Very Attractive Wooden Apple-1 Sells For $500,000 (opens in new tab) up for auction last year. It looks like there are definitely still some old-school lovers out there willing to give up their hard-earned money for these artifacts of PC history.

You can see Woz signing this particular machine in the video above from 2021 when Grewal presented him with the computer to sign. The Apple creator looks absolutely delighted to see the old unit in such good condition and seems proud to give his autograph of approval. It is not very common to find an Apple signed by Wozniak, and this is believed to be the only one with a signature on the white processor, which we hope is a little smaller than Apple’s new M1 Ultra (opens in new tab).

As for Apple today, the company has changed a lot since its humble beginnings, even killing the iPod (opens in new tab). Apple also recently abandoned the first place when it comes to the most valuable company in the world (opens in new tab) ceding land to a Saudi oil company, at least for the time being. The Apple M1 silicon is conquering game developers (opens in new tab)and it seems that Apple could always auction off some of its old technology if it was in real financial trouble.

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