American Arcadia is like a reality show, but if your ratings drop, they’ll kill you

In the movie The Truman Show, Truman was an ordinary guy who, unbeknownst to him, was the main character of a reality show built around his life. He lived in a fake city, was surrounded by cameras, and had no idea that he was constantly being watched by millions of people.

American Arcadia (opens in new tab) It has that same vibe. In this game from developer Out of the Blue and publisher Raw Fury, the huge city you live in was created for the entertainment of a television audience. You have a comfortable life there along with many other “citizens”, but if your ratings drop too low, well… you’re hunted down and killed. It’s what you might call a cancellation.

American Arcadia has a wonderful 1970s aesthetic, and there’s a combination of platforming action, stealth and puzzle solving as you try to escape the city that was once your home but is now a death trap filled with drones and armed guards waiting for you. take. Part of the game takes place in 2.5D, but there are also 3D first-person segments where you play as another character on the outside trying to help you escape.

No release date has been announced, but in the meantime you can find it here on Steam (opens in new tab).

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