AMD remembers that its mobile GPU is more powerful than Intel’s

Intel had a very exciting week with the announcement of its Arc 3 laptop GPUs. During its presentation, Intel showed several slides showing how the Arc 3 mobile graphics silicon fares compared to the previous generation Iris X. What Intel didn’t show during its reveal is how its new mobile graphics card stacks up against the competition. As you can imagine, it didn’t take AMD long to ruin Intel’s victory lap by launching its own benchmarking showdown.

AMD posted a tweet with a chart showing its low-end Radeon RX 6500M confidently outperforming the Intel Arc A370M in frame rate count across five games. Intel’s graphics show the Arc 3 hitting over 90fps in games like Fortnite, GTA V, Rocket League, and Valorant, and around 60fps in more contemporary games with the help of XeSS, AI-assisted supersampling technology.

AMD took a shot at Intel comparing performance in more demanding titles like F1 2021, Hitman 3 and Final Fantasy 14, where AMD’s entry-level GPU clears the floor with Intel. AMD beat Intel by at least 20 fps on most games and, in the case of F1 2021, by an impressive 72 fps without the need for any AI-assisted supersampling like FSR.

The graph also points out that both the Radeon RX 6500M and Intel Arc A370M are built on TSMC N6 nodes and that Arc has a higher transistor count of 7.2 billion versus AMD’s 5.4 billion, but AMD still it’s at the top.

However, we don’t know if both mobile GPUs used in this graphic had the same power. The 6500M has a 50W base, while the Arc A370M has 25-50W. It’s not a fair comparison if the Intel GPU is running at a lower power. We also don’t know if these were updated Intel drivers nor which laptops were used for this showdown.

Frankly, I love it when companies criticize each other on social media. This shows Intel that the competition is not going to stand still and let a newcomer to the big GPU wars of 2022 have a moment to shine. And I hope that as Intel releases more information about its desktop GPUs, it will outperform AMD and provide us with juicy comparative benchmarking data.

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