Aliens: Dark Descent is a top-down co-op bug blaster, coming in 2023

You are all spoiled for choice when it comes to blasting Giger’s bugs with your friends. It hasn’t been a year since the release of Aliens: Fireteam Elite, the franchise returns with a top-down take on team xenomorph hunts with the recently announced Aliens: Dark Descent.

And no, I can’t imagine that this caption isn’t a reference to Amnesia.

While most of the trailer reintroduces us to the frayed phallic monsters, the co-op team had us thinking this could be an expansion or sequel to Fireteam Elite. But some brief gameplay snippets revealed this to be a top-down version of Aliens, secretly making it a spiritual successor to Valve’s underrated criminal. alien swarm (opens in new tab).

Dark Descent is being developed by Tindalos Interactive, the Paris-based studio behind Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2. That’s a genre leap for the studio, but hey – this experience creating hellish interstellar derelicts should count for something.

Aliens: Dark Descent is hitting PC stores unannounced in 2023.

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