After all, Diablo Immortal is coming to PC

It turns out that Immortal Diablothe mobile spin-off that has won its fair share of controversies, is heading to PC as well.

The action RPG will arrive on PC in open beta on June 2, the same day as its full release on iOS and Android. There will also be cross-play and cross-progression between the two platforms, so you can play anywhere and pick up where you left off on the desktop. It’s a surprising move considering Blizzard has focused so much on perfecting the mobile game. The game’s initial announcement angered many Diablo fans, which came at a time when many were expecting news about the long-awaited devil 4. The revelation faced strong backlash with fans accusing Blizzard of forgetting its roots, calling it “slap in the face” and claiming that Blizzard had “spit in the face“of the community.

Blizzard said it “changed and came back” about the decision to port the game to PC, but had a feeling PC Diablo fans would “try to play this game through an emulator”, which influenced the decision to go ahead. with the door. The developer seems interested in not pissing on anyone’s cornflakes again with a blog post describing everything from initial decision making to all the ways it is trying to “stay true to the Diablo experience” with traditional PC controls.

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Along with the standard “left-click to move” controls, Blizzard also added WASD for movement, as it felt like “an intuitive way to move your character, rather than relentlessly left-clicking to move and attack.” There is also the ability to rebind switches as well as controller support. While the HUD elements have been improved for PC, Blizzard said it kept the interfaces identical so it could ship both versions at the same time. The blog post concluded by warning veteran Diablo fans that “the outcome will be a little different from other Diablo PC games”, calling the mobile port “a Blizzard experiment”.

Luke Winkie gave the Diablo Immortal technical alpha a whirlwind in late 2020, finding it very amusing despite being mired in controversy. “Diablo Immortal is good enough that I suspect anyone who tries will see their old BlizzCon angsts atrophy,” he wrote in his preview. “This isn’t a watered down alternative or a bad facsimile, it’s just Diablo in a different format.”

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