After a decade of silence, Routine is back in development

In 2013, a gameplay trailer for a small sci-fi version of Amnesia made a big impact on me. Taking cues from Alien, it was a sterile, analogue, retrofuturistic nightmare station that felt oppressively lonely, until the moment it became clear you weren’t alone.

It was Routine, and it looked damn good. And then she disappeared for a decade.

Until tonight, when Geoff Keighley revealed that Routine is back (or still in) development, with developer Lunar Software now working with publisher Raw Fury to complete this thing. What’s more, we’ve only gotten a new glimpse of what was served up a decade ago – a fresh look at a station whose decrepit wallpapers and silent hallways still manage to hold their own, even in a post-Alien: Isolation world.

We get a glimpse of the monster here, mind you, and big robots weren’t quite what I expected. But I’m still curious as to what’s the deal with the small handheld camcorder, which we see briefly used to scan one of the androids.

Routine doesn’t have a release date yet, but I’m glad to hear it’s still in production. If you want to know what happened to the game all those years ago, Patrick Klepek of Waypoint Investigated Routine’s Vanishing Act (opens in new tab) in a feature in 2018.

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