A school choir created a BioShock musical, and it’s really good

In perhaps the most surprising adaptation of a video game story to another medium, there’s a BioShock musical, and it’s a pretty good one. A high school put together an interpretation of the Rapture story as a complete musical performance. You can even watch it if you want, taken by the confusion and fun as I was at the show.

as seen by eurogamer, California’s John Burroughs High School Powerhouse choir won the 2022 Hart Encore competition with a performance by BioShock. The show the students put on did not follow the events of the game, but told the story of Rapture, including appearances by Andrew Ryan, Brigid Tenenbaum, and Sander Cohen. Kind of like a prequel.

The show was so good, in fact, that the boys won Music, Show and Best Soloist, which are the biggest prizes in the competition. I’m sure some of the artists’ Big Daddies were proud of them.

The music featured in the John Burroughs High School performance includes lively renditions of songs like Proud Mary, a song most famously sung by Tina Turner. The lyrics are adapted, of course, to look appropriate for the underwater city. Rolling in the river becomes rolling underwater – simple but ingenious. When they finished this song, you can hear Rapture-ous cheering. I’m proud of that joke, really.

If you’re interested in watching the full 22-minute video of the performance, check out on Youtube. The school really feels like a powerhouse, so it’s no wonder the choir’s name is. Costumes, performances, scenery, they have it all. And if you look at the site you can see the results not only of their prizes, but also that there is a totally separate prize for someone to predict the trophies accurately. American high school is intense.

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