A Morrowind Streamer Is Making a Podcast Series and a Book to Celebrate His 20th Anniversary

May 1, 2022 will mark the 20th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the iteration of Bethesda’s famous fantasy franchise that brought it into a properly polygonal 3D world and laid the groundwork for the later success of first Oblivion, then the explosive success of Skyrim. Morrowind is often considered the first “modern” Elder Scrolls game and is consistently cited as a pinnacle of open-world design for the series.

The community behind Morrowind has always been passionate about the game, but those fires are still burning 20 years later – and it’s a lot of memories and people involved.

To celebrate, a Morrowind streamer is bringing together developers, modders, streamers, artists, site owners and other community members into a single project that archives 20 years of community memories and actions. Danae, one focused on Morrowind streamer, bloggerand modderhas collected several hundred Morrowind memoirs and intends to compile and edit them into a digital booklet for the community to enjoy, to be released in May.

“Morrowind is a journey we’ve all taken but our separate ways and 20 years later it’s time to get to know each other! Through interviews (more like informal chats) with modders, artists, authors, programmers and content creators, I hope to showcase the many facets of Morrowind and its legacy,” says Danae.

Danae is also releasing a series of podcasts on YouTube, which interviews prominent creators in the Morrowind modding community, as well as game developers and artists whose careers have been influenced by Morrowind. There are also a number of written Q&A-style interviews on the Danae website.

You can follow the 20 Years of Morrowind Podcast and booklet at Danae website, danaeplays.thenet.skand the DanaePlays YouTube channel.

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