A composer has remixed the Elden Ring theme song in 15 styles and they all rock

I admit right away that I get emotional about the game’s theme songs. The list of title screens that give me watery eyes is long and Elden ringThe horn and drums theme song from ‘s is definitely in it. Producer, songwriter and video game fan Alex Moukala shares a love for a great theme song. He’s remixed Elden Ring’s in no less than 15 different styles, shown in a video that’s giving me happy shivers instead of maiden-free tears.

Listen here to Moukala covering the Elden Ring theme song in nu-disco, metal, jazz, Bloodborne-sounding baroque and reggae styles – complete with costume changes.

“What if Elden Ring took place in a multiverse that you can explore and where the game’s genre changes depending on which universe you’re in?” Moukala talks about the style mashup. Credit where it’s due for high concept, 2am thoughts, but I’m a simple woman and I think it’s cool to hear a musician with Moukala’s skill level riff on songs I know.

The Elden Ring theme song is particularly fun for exercise. The powerful melody of the main horn is recognizable in all styles, even if it took me a moment to understand the elevator jazz. I’m also happy to see that, in the tradition of YouTube remix digests, Moukala made a point of releasing a lo-fi version. Ten seconds of Elden Ring soundtrack to study, you know.

If I were to pick one of Moukala’s Elden Ring game-theoretic multiverses as my favorite, I’d have to go with the darksynth style. That backbone organ and beat sound like they’re straight out of some Castlevania-style Elden Ring demake – a genre I’m terrible at, but would definitely love to see someone else play.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of stopping at a Moukala video on your TikTok scroll or YouTube dips, he’s done a lot more video game song covers. Don’t miss Moukala and a few other musicians reimagining the Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker theme in the style of an anime pop rock overture.

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