’90s Crime Scene Cleaning Caper Serial Cleaners is Coming in September

The 90’s period piece series cleaners (opens in new tab) It’s been on our radar for some time now, but with its new Future Games Show trailer, it finally has a release date: September 22nd.

Serial Cleaners tells the story of four ex-Mafia agents catching up on New Year’s Eve 2000 and reminiscing about their horrible job over the previous decade. It builds on gameplay from the previous game in the Draw Distance series, Serial Cleaner (singular) which boasted a similar premise, but in pixel art style and sending a different decade of the previous century (the groovy 70’s, baby.)

Serial Cleaners is a primarily stealth-based game where you sneak between police officers to clean up evidence left at crime scenes, cleaning up bloodstains and wiping fingerprints to help your criminal employers get away with it. Each member of the cleaning crew has a unique personality and talents to bring out, and I’m excited to see how their story of regret and mistakes unfolds. From the game’s Steam page:

“Four characters, four perspectives, four playstyles. Street wit, brute force, high-tech skills or good old tricks of the trade: each will allow you to tackle a similar obstacle very differently. part of the narrative you want to hear next, then approach each mission as carefully or brazenly as you wish. Use stealth, exploration and speed as the situation – and your preferred experience – warrants it. Bodies and other damning evidence to clear the slate of the decade before the new millennium arrives!”

We don’t have long to wait: the launch of Serial Cleaners on September 22 is just around the corner. You may Serial Cleaners wishlist now on Steam (opens in new tab).

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