500,000 vampires have sunk their fangs in survival game V Rising

If you didn’t point your eyes at the Steam Stats lately, a new early access survival game has them climbing like a rat in a sewer pipe. And who is turning that mouse into a sticky ointment to restore health? Vampires. That’s who.

vampire survival game V Ascendant is officially a success. A whopping 500,000 players have already sunk their fangs into the game, which is amazing because it just launched on Steam last Tuesday. It definitely ticks a lot of popular boxes, with a large open world, survival, building and base building systems, as well as PvP and PvE, as well as co-op and solo play.

When I looked at it about an hour ago, V Rising also showed around 95,000 concurrent players on Steam, which has now climbed (like the undead) to just over 100,000. And I hope it continues to attract (like blood) more players over the weekend.

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Some of us here at PC Gamer do too. Fraser wrote that despite some easy comparisons, V Rising is more than just Valheim with vampires. And, very appropriately for a vampire game, it kept him up all night playing.

Jody is also a vampire, although he doesn’t feel like one due to V Rising’s rather heavy focus on resource gathering. I kind of agree – when I think about vampires in pop culture, they don’t normally spend hours crushing boulders of ore with a huge mace so they can sniff some copper bars. But I’m still having fun slowly growing in power, turning into a wolf, sucking the blood of local bandits, and trying not to let the sun burn me during the day.

If you’re thinking of getting started, we have some beginner’s guides like V Rising blood essence worksmore how to make leatherwhere to find stone bricksand how to find whetstones. Good hunting, you bloodsuckers.

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